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You may not know that the Care Standards Act 2000 requires any person or business providing treatments using lasers or Intense Pulsed Light systems (IPL or LHE) to:

- Register with the Health Care Commission (HC)
- Comply with the Regulations and Standards laid down by the Act.
- Be inspected by the HC

The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that laser/IPL providers can ensure:

- Safety and quality Laser/IPL providers must always put the client's safety first.
- Information Providers must supply clear and accurate information about services.
- Accountability
There must be an individual who will take responsibility for ensuring that regulations and standards are fulfilled.
- Consistency A consistent standard of care must be provided.

Any Laser/IPL provider that is not registered is operating illegally and may be operating without valid insurance. You should ask any laser/IPL provider that you are considering:

- Are you registered with the HC as required by CSA2000?
- Have you been inspected by the HC?
- Do you have an HC number and will I be able to see a copy of the inspection report?

You also have a right to enquire of the HC whether any laser/IPL provider is registered and whether they are complying with the requirements of the Act.

Standards of Service and Care at our clinics

Our clinics have been operating for 10 years and more and were the very first service providers in the country to be registered and inspected by the NCSC; we fulfil CSA2000 requirements to a very high standard. We are proud of our inspection report which is available to view at any time.

We produce a Client's Guide. Our guide is kept in the waiting room and gives you access to the detailed information that we use to plan, prepare and provide the services on offer at this clinic. A summary of our promises regarding standards of treatment and care is printed overleaf.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service, or that of any other laser/IPL provider, you have a right to complain to the service provider and have that complaint properly dealt with. At this clinic, you will be supported in your access to our complaints procedure and will not be discriminated in any way as a result of any complaint.

You also have a right to complain directly to the HC who have a legal duty to follow up any complaint that you make.

The new central telephone switchboard number for the Healthcare Commission is:

Tel: 020 7448 9200 I Fax: 020 7488 9222


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