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Mrs SB, Rochdale
- Nlite treatment only
"I had a slight flare up of acne for a couple of days following the treatment, but then my skin cleared up and for the first time in 35 years I spent a totally spot free Christmas and New Year!"

Miss KP, Wigan - Nlite treatment only
"Acne got a lot better. I am a lot happier with my skin in general"

Miss J, Nottingham - Nlite topical retinoids
"I feel like I am permanently on holiday". I feel so much better now that I can show my face without feeling self conscious".

Mrs S, Nottingham - Nlite topical retinoids
"After each treatment, I seem to reach a new milestone After my last treatment, I answered the door without make-up for the first time in my life".

Suzanne Clare, Merseyside - Nlite treatment only
"At 2 months my skin was a lot clearer generally, just the odd spot. Still very pleased.

Editorial from Cosmo Girl.
Hannah Anthony, 18, from Bolton , had laser treatment at Laserase North West, Royal Bolton Hospital.

"At 16 I had big red spots on my face and it knocked my confidence. I couldn't go anywhere without make-up. One day at college we had to take our make-up off and I nearly cried. On nights out I'd spend ages in the loo re-doing my make-up. I tried creams from my doctor, but they dried my skin and dyed my pillows at night. I took antibiotics for 6 weeks, but still had spots. When I was 17, I decided to try laser treatment. At the clinic lasers where swept across my face. It felt warm but it wasn't painful. Within a few weeks my skin was so much clearer and smoother. I'm so pleased I'm getting another session when this wears off. I'm much more confident. I can enjoy myself on nights out now."


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